Dine at the Lodge

Be our guest at the Lodge, the communal heart of Te Koi. Its rich, warmly decorated rooms feature fine dining in the evenings, gourmet breakfast in the sunny mornings  and aperitifs on the outdoor deck at sunset. The beautifully decorated spaces hint at the changing rhythms throughout the day. Bright sunny mornings flow into lazy afternoons and indulgent evenings spent grazing on the kitchen’s tasty bites, perfectly matched with local wines.



Prepared by in-house Chef Ali Metcalfe showcasing the best of regional produce and seasonal delicacies

NZ $180 / person

Paired with delicious local wines

Bookings can be made directly at the Lodge or book here in advance

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Gourmet breakfast served daily at the Lodge.

Included with all bookings, featuring seasonal organic local produce. 

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Enjoy aperitifs at sunset.

Served on the outdoor deck at the Lodge with delicious canapés.

Local wines and champagne specially selected by Sommelier, Ian Metcalfe. 

Included with all dinner bookings.

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Enjoy our specially prepared charcuterie boards with local delicacies.

Available to be enjoyed on the outdoor deck at the Lodge or in the privacy of your own accommodation. 

Enquire at the Lodge. 

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